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Along with our Terms & Conditions, our privacy policy entails the information of how we process and use your data in a responsible manner. It also tells you the rights as a consumer which you can exercise independently as and when required.

We at Bansal Travels, are obliged to respect your privacy and are fully committed to protect it. If you have used our portal before, we do use your personal data to provide you seamless travel experiences. Such personal data collection is not restricted to one platform but rather many, our website, social media, or apps. Though we revise our policy from time to time to keep it updated. In case of any significant changes, we will let you know when you access any of our services or by separate communication.

  • What kind of personal data do we collect ?
  • Why does Bansal Travels collect and use your data?
  • Third-Party Privacy Policy
  • Sharing your information
  • Your Rights to your Personal Information
  • How we Protect your Privacy
  • Your Security
  • Children’s Privacy
  • External Links
  • Process of Personal Information
  • Changes to our Privacy Policy
  • Further Information
What kind of personal data do we collect?

We provide travel services to different parts of the world and thus we collected the necessary information to cater to your needs. Now, this information is stored and processed in bits & pieces in our servers. Without this data, we won’t be able to give you the necessary bookings. Some routine data includes - your name, contact details, emergency contacts, and at times payment details.

In addition to this, we collect some tech data like your IP address, device, browser, URL, or any third-party website you visit when you exit our site. This helps us immensely to curate the perfect travel solutions for you. This also applies when you do a booking for someone else too if not yours.

Why does Bansal Travels collect and use your data?

We collect consumer data for many reasons as listed below:

  • Flight Booking: The most important thing we use your data is for your online booking with us. Your personal data is used to book the tickets and then further share communication with you related to confirmation, schedule, reminders, or any kind of updates.
  • Customer Service: We take pride in our 24*7 customer service support from our local offices via phone or email. Both require information related to your reservation, contact details, and payment info. This comprises all the necessary information which we might need to give you impeccable customer service.
  • Upgrade our Service Model: We are service providers, one amongst many. With an aim to provide the best in class service, it’s important that we understand our customer profile, taste, preferences, and priorities.
  • Other Services: We want to invest in long-term partnerships with you hence our other communication might include - subscription, rewards, special offers, to resolve disputes, collect fees, or enforce our terms & conditions.
  • Market Research: We sometimes conduct market research required to match the changing needs of the market. The data thus entered into our systems will be used for such time-to-time research.
  • Legal disputes: Last but not the least, we might use the information furnished by you in case of any legal disputes or for any compliance purposes.

Please note, you can manage this information in your personal settings - you do have control over what you want to share and to be used further.

Third-Party Privacy Policy

We are not responsible for the privacy, information, or other practices of any third parties, including any third-party provider or intermediary, any third-party running any site or service to which the Services connect, or any third-party that provides a widget on the Services (for example, the Like & Share button on social media sites)

When you access and use the Services and other websites, apps, or online services, we may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements about products and services that may be of interest to you, based on information about your access to and use of the Services and other websites, apps, or online services on any of your devices.

Hence we have no control over such third party tracking technologies and in case of any disputes, questions you may contact the provider/s directly.

Sharing your information

We might share your information in following circumstances:

  • Suppliers of services both offered currently or any other services that will be provided in future. All services rendered by an independent supplier that have been listed as such in this website. though making a reservation through this website, you agree to allow us to share the details needed to complete the booking and provide the related travel with our suppliers.
  • CC processing, customer support, business intelligence, survey delivery, marketing, and fraud prevention are examples of independent vendors that offer services/functions on our behalf. We can also grant independent vendors permission to collect information on our behalf in order to operate our website features or to facilitate the distribution of customised online advertisements with default data security guidelines.
  • Business partners with whom we either collaborate on goods or services, or whose products and/or services may be made available via our website. When an outside company is associated with a product/service that you have ordered, their name will still be available, either alongside our brand name or by itself. Please note we do not control the privacy policy of our partners.
  • If you came to this website from another website, we might share some information about you with that website as well.
  • Whenever the need arises, we should share your personal information with our corporate affiliates. This sharing also allows us to provide you with all necessary information about products and services, both related to travel and unrelated to travel, that may be of interest to you. They will also comply with all relevant laws governing the transmission of promotional interactions and provide you with the option to opt out of all future emails in any commercial email.
Your Rights to your Personal Information

You may choose not to provide us with any details, though it may be required in order to make travel purchases or use certain Bansal Fares features. By contacting us as mentioned below, you can view, update, or delete personal information you have given to us. Before we can satisfy your request, we will need to verify your identity for your safety.

How we Protect your Privacy

We want you to feel comfortable planning and purchasing your travel with BansalTravels because we are committed to protecting the information we obtain. Although no website can guarantee protection, we have put in place administrative, technological, and physical safeguards to help protect the personal information you provide to us.

Only approved workers, for example, have access to personal information, and they can only use it for authorised business purposes. Furthermore, when transmitting confidential personal information between your system and ours, we use encryption, and we use firewalls and intrusion detection systems to help prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your data.

Your Security

To secure Personal Information within our organisation, we strive to use fair organisational, technological, and administrative steps. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that any data transmission or storage device is completely safe. In case if you believe that our interaction is not secure or you notice any malfunction in your account/booking, kindly contact us immediately.

Children’s Privacy

Person has to be 18 or more years old to use our website and our services.

External Links

If you visit our website through an external link or any link on our portal leads you to another party, those websites are not under our Privacy Policy. We highly recommend you to visit their Privacy Policy to understand how they collect, use, transfer your data.

Process of Personal Information

Your personal information can be sent to, downloaded, stored, and processed in the United States and other countries. Such countries' data security and other laws and requirements which are less robust than those in your country. Through using the Website, you understand and accept that your information may be transferred to other countries, including without limitation to our facilities and third parties with whom we share it as defined in this privacy policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Changes in our services, applicable laws and regulations, and other factors could necessitate revisions to our privacy and data protection policies. As a result, the Company reserves the right to modify this privacy statement at any time.

Any updates to our privacy policy will be posted to this page, as is our policy. You are responsible for ensuring that we have an up-to-date, involved, and deliverable email address for you, as well as for checking our Website and this privacy policy for any changes on a regular basis.

Further Information

For any doubts, comments on our privacy practice, please feel free to Contact us on the details provided under the “Contact Us” page. You can either email us or call us as per your convenience.