Terms & Conditions

Before using this website or its contents, please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. Your use of this website is entirely dependent on your approval of the following Terms & Conditions. You understand and accept these Terms & Conditions by using this website.

Bansal Travels reserves the right to alter/change these clauses at its sole discretion any time.

Standard Terms & Conditions

All goods and services offered and guaranteed by the Company are subject to payment prior to the flight's departure. If the payment is made by check, the tickets will not be delivered until the check is cleared.

Bansal Travels reserves the right to following:

  • To cancel a flight prior to the departure date, and if this is done, the company's responsibility is limited to refunding the money paid by the Traveler for the ticket.
  • Any trip, expedition, or facility that has been marketed or published by the Organization may be amended, altered, differed from, or withdrawn. The Organization is not responsible for any compensation, additional costs, or consequential losses incurred by the Traveler/Group.

No one, except the Group, has the right to vary, incorporate, change, or waive any representation, definition, or Terms & Conditions set forth here or in the Group brochure without the Organization's written consent.

The Company shall not be accountable to the Traveler/Group in any circumstances.

  • Any misadventure or similar cause that results in an accident, death, illness, personal injury, loss, delay, higher cost, or consequential harm.
  • Any act or default, however induced, by any air carrier, travel element supplier, or any servant/agent employed by the travel element supplier who may be responsible for the provision of lodging, meals, carriage facility, or the Traveler/Group service. In this case, the phrase "howsoever induced" also refers to any concerned person's negligence.

The Company also reserves the right to increase the surcharge in the event of currency fluctuation and/or adjustments in different exchange rates and/or fuel costs prior to departure.Whenever such price rises occur, they must be paid in full.

It is the responsibility of the traveler/group to ensure that they have valid travel documents, such as a passport, visa, or government ID, and to keep them safe. In the event that any such travel document is rejected, expires, or is cancelled by the authorities, the tour participant will be responsible for any consequences and expenditures that may arise. For international stopover flights, a visa or travel authorization can be necessary. It will be the Traveler's/Group's responsibility to review certain conditions in advance and bring all necessary documentation to board a flight. Bansal Travels will also bear no responsibility for the aforementioned matter (s).

The ticket price does not include the expense of the insurance premium. The ticket price does not include the expense of the insurance premium. Throughout the tour and back, all tour programmes, as well as tour components, are governed by laws, rules, and regulations. The Organization will bear no responsibility for any situation that arises as a result of such laws or as a result of a natural disaster.

Any complaint made by the Traveler (including complaints made on behalf of other travellers in the Group via the Traveler) in connection with or as a result of the tour must be sent in writing to the Organization within 21 days of the tour/travel date. No claim or complaint filed post 21 days will be considered in any circumstances. No individual complaint of a traveller travelling with the Group will be taken into consideration, and the complaint must be submitted by that Traveler or the Group leader alone.

The Company would not be responsible to any traveller for a refund, reimbursement, or even a demand due to a reduction in the number of tour days or due to the postponement, cancellation, or re-routing of any other scheduled transportation service due to a factor such as fog. The rules governing cancellation fees and refunds will apply.

Prohibited Activities

The material and information on this Website (including, but not limited to, price and availability of travel services) as well as the infrastructure used to provide such information are either proprietary to us or our affiliates or suppliers. Although you can make a limited number of copies of your travel itinerary, you agree not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, view, execute, print, replicate, authorise, transfer, or sell any information, goods, services, or software obtained through this Website for travel or reservations booked through this Website. Additionally, you agree to following too:

  • Make use of this website content for personal or commercial purposes
  • Make any false or misleading or faulty reservation
  • Access or copy the information or content form the website
  • Take any action that may or may not place an unreasonably high load on our infrastructure, as determined by us
  • Violate the restrictions of this website
  • After first obtaining our permission, you may not frame, copy, or otherwise integrate any portion of this Website into another website

Bansal Travels can cancel any travel/service reservation(s) associated with your name, email ID, or account, as well as close any associated Bansal Travels accounts, if your booking/account shows any indication of fraud, violence, or any other type of suspicious activity.

If you engage in any criminal activity, Bansal Travels retains the right to pursue any legal action required, and you will be liable to pay a monetary fine to Bansal Travels, which may include civil costs and damages. Please contact Bansal Travels Customer Service to challenge the cancellation of a booking/freezing/closure of an account.

In case of Dispute/s

For any dispute/problem/confusion related to our product or service, we will try to manage with our sincere approach. Though you can pursue claims, if any in following manner:

  • By dealing with us, you agree to contact Bansal Travels Customer Support division to settle any conflict or allegation about the Website, dealing with our agents, any service or product offered by us, any kind of representation made by us, or our Privacy Policy.
  • Except when you assert a Claim on an individual basis in court for small claims if they qualify, any Claim will be settled by binding mediation rather than in court. Except when you assert a Claim on an individual basis in court for small claims if they qualify, any Claim will be settled by binding mediation rather than in court.
  • In mediation, there is no need for a judge or jury, and court review of the mediation award is limited. A mediator, on the other hand, will grant damages and relief on an individual basis, just like a judge, and must obey and enforce these Terms & Conditions just like a court does.
  • The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will administer the mediations under its own set of rules, which includes the AAA Consumer Rules. Except as given in this section, all filing, administration, and mediator fees will be regulated by the AAA's regulations.
  • Any and all claims settlement proceedings will be handled on an individual basis, not as a class, combined, or delegated action. This agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and federal mediation rules. Any court with competent jurisdiction will validate the mediation decision.
Bansal Travels Fees

Apart from Suppliers cost & fees, Bansal Travels might add some additional charges as explained below. These charges are levied on per ticket/per person and are non-refundable.

Bansal Travels Fees Application Online Booking Charges
Flight booking fees (per ticket) To all Economy/Business/First Class $0 to $100 

Service rates are subject to adjustment at any time without warning. Regardless of any adjustment in service fees, you will be responsible for paying the last cumulative price as quoted. Please double-check the total final price.

Post Ticketing Fees

Post-Ticketing Service Fees ‡‡

Applies To For Cancellation & Refund (Within 24 hrs)
Agent Assisted Cancellation(1) Cancellation & Refund requested within 24 hours of booking Domestic $25
International: $35
Business and First Class: $50
Applies To For Cancellation (beyond 24 hrs)
Agent Assisted Cancellation w/Future Credit(1) Cancellation & Refunds (beyond 24 hrs) Air - Economy Air - Business/First
Domestic International Domestic International
$40  $40  $75  $100 
Applies To For Refund (beyond 24 hrs)
Agent Assisted Cancellation w/Refund(2) Cancellation & Refunds (beyond 24 hrs) Air - Economy Air - Business/First
Domestic International Domestic International
$100 $200 $200 $200

Changes to Existing Tickets (exchange)

Agent Assisted Changes Air - Economy Air - Business/First
Domestic International Domestic International
Within 10 days of new travel date(1) $125 $200 $200 $200
Beyond 10 days of new travel date(2) $75 $175 $175 $175

Special Services

Agent Assisted Waivers Air - Economy Air - Business/First
Domestic International Domestic International
$50 $75 $100 $150
Fees for Agent Assistance Seeking Refund or Future Airline Credit for Listed Reasons
Death/Bereavement  Duplicate booking Medical Name Change
Name Correction No Show Routing Changes UNMR
Visa Issues Denied Boarding  
Cancellation & Exchange

Air ticket/s hence booked may or may not be refundable. If the airline allows cancellations in some situations, a refund can be applied to a future ticket purchase by the same passenger on the same airline. The airline supplier's credit usually has an expiration date after which it can no longer be used. We recommend that you speak with a customer service representative about any potential credit limitations.

We cannot promise that your reservation will be cancelled. When you're about to book your new flight and want to use your airline credit, you'll have to pay the fare difference (if any), any airline fines, and any post-ticketing fees charged by Bansal Travels. All such adjustments are subject to the fare rules, regulations, and procedures of each airline, which are beyond our control.

Cancellation & Refund

After 24 hours, most of our plane fares, hotels, pre-paid car rentals, holiday packages, and service fees are non-refundable. If travel has not yet begun and you have contacted our customer service centre to cancel, your trip security insurance is refundable within 10 days of purchase. Cancellations can only be rendered over the internet.

We can accept refund only in following cases:

  • If the airline fare rules provides for cancellation & refund
  • If you are not a “no-show”, most "no show" bookings are in-eligible for any waiver from suppliers 
  • we are able to secure waivers from suppliers to process cancellation & refund request

We are unable to provide an estimate of how long this requested refund will take to be processed. All refund requests are handled in a logical order. We will give you an email notice that your cancellation request has been received after you have given your cancellation request to our customer service representative. You are not automatically eligible for a refund if you obtain this notification. This only serves to accept your request while also providing you with a tracking number. We will work with suppliers such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies to create a waiver based on airline and other supplier regulations and notify you of the supplier's decision once we receive your letter.

In general, all manufacturers can levy a tax if you request a refund. From the time your request is sent until you receive credit on your statement, the entire process could take 60-90 days. Apart from the refund penalties imposed by airlines and other providers, Bansal Travels will levy a post-ticketing services fee, if applicable.

If the provider does not process the refund, we will refund you the post-ticketing service fees associated with your agent-assisted refund order, but not the booking fees associated with the initial travel reservation or booking.

Other Instructions

These terms and conditions are governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. Any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of this Agreement, including, without limitation, this paragraph, is prohibited from using this Website.

Nothing in this Agreement restricts our right to comply with law enforcement or other regulatory or legal requests or requirements relating to your use of this Website or information given to or collected by us in connection with such use, and nothing in this Agreement limits our right to comply with such requests or requirements.

If any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality as well as enforceability of all the remaining provisions will in any way not be affected or impaired. Our failure or delay in enforcing any provision of this Agreement at any time does not waive our right to enforce the same or any other provision(s) hereof in the future.

This Agreement (along with all other terms and conditions listed herein) is the entire agreement between you and Bansal Travels with respect to this Website, our services, and your interactions and relationships with us, and it supersedes all prior/contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written, between you and our panel.

A printed version of this Agreement, as well as any notice provided in electronic form, will be admissible in judicial, mediation, or other administrative proceedings to the same degree and under the same conditions as other business documents and records produced and retained in printed form.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Baggage Policy & Charges

You must pay any excess baggage fees levied by each airline if you have excess baggage. Most airlines now charge baggage fees even for the first bag checked in; to save money, we suggest travelling small. Please see our Baggage Fees page for information on each airline's baggage fees. Depending on the size and weight of the bag, baggage fees will vary from $15 to $200 or more. (per bag).

When using such a facility, these payments must be paid directly to the airline. We make every effort to keep the baggage fees table up to date, but we recommend that you contact the airline directly for the most up-to-date fees and baggage policies.

Additional/Optional Services by Flight

We can give you the option to request Airline optional services and products in connection with your ticket(s) via us from time to time, depending on the airline(s) operating your flight(s), which may include, without limitation, pre-reserved seat assignments and checked baggage.

The airline(s) will provide you with these optional services and items, and their purchase price will be in addition to the ticket price and subject to each airline's availability and terms of use. We strongly advise you to check any restrictions that the airline(s) operating your flight(s) can impose on the optional products and services you request through us.


We reserve the right to terminate your access to all or part of the Site, with or without warning, for any reason or no reason, in our absolute discretion and without liability.

If any clause is found to be unenforceable or invalid, it will be applied to the fullest degree allowed by statute, and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not be affected.

Based on your use of the Web or making travel reservations or bookings, nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall be considered or construed as forming a joint venture, alliance, independent contractor, or employment arrangement between us or any of the parties hereto.